Papers Presented

1986:  Child Sexual Assault: whose problem is it?  Paper presented at a public meeting organised by Rosebank Cottage, information and resource service for victims of CSA and their non-offending relatives. The paper examined the preliminary findings of research conducted on 100 cases surveyed from Department of Community Services (then FACS) files. The research was used to establish the need for specialist incest counselling services in the Fairfield/ Liverpool area.

1987:  Boundary Violation in Child Sexual Assault.   Paper presented at the Women In Family Therapy Conference at Leura. Paper presented a metaphor that may be useful in working with victims of child sexual assault, examining the longer term effects of boundary violation and their subsequent manifestations.

1988:  Surviving the Legal System.  Paper presented to a public meeting organised by the Blue Mountains Women’s Health Centre. The paper presented the many complex issues involved in inter-agency involvement in cases of child sexual abuse with a special focus on legal issues and the conflict between child protection and criminal justice issues.

1988:  Court Survival Skills.  Paper presented to staff of the then Department of Public Prosecutions. Paper examined issues that arise for victims and non-offending relatives required to give evidence in cases of child sexual assault as well as strategies that have been found to be effective in training such lay people to give their evidence in the most effective manner possible.

1988:  Healing the Wound.  Paper presented at the NSW chapter of the AASW conference.  Paper presented ideas regarding links between gynaecological health problems in women who have a history of child sexual assault. Paper also presented various methods for working with a range of typical difficulties presented.

1988:  Working with Incest Survivors in the acute mental health setting, recognizing the signs and working with the trauma: Paper presented as in-service staff development to staff of the Liverpool Hospital Acute Admissions Inpatient Unit.

1989:  Incest and Drug and Alcohol Issues.  Paper presented to a conference of Drug and Alcohol Workers organised by the Health Department. Paper examined the links between a history of CSA and drug and alcohol patterns.

1990:  Group work with Adult Survivors of Incest.  Paper presented at the National Group work Conference held at UNSW. Paper presented the findings of a two year drop-in programme with adult survivors of incest run at a feminist incest counselling centre, examining common themes, how the groups changed as the groups became more self-directed. Paper was published in a monograph of select proceedings from the conference.

1991: Child Sexual Assault: A reality in the 90s.  Paper presented to a public meeting organised by Parents Without Partners in Parramatta. Paper presented statistics on the issue in the context of a changing political and funding climate.

1998:  There, but for the Grace of God…  Paper presented at the annual conference of the Australian Society of Clinical Hypnotherapists.  Paper covered the findings of research conducted the previous year into the issue of how therapists manage their sexuality within the context of the therapeutic relationship.

2005: But it’s Different in this case…  Paper published in November edition of the Journal of Psychotherapy Australia.

2006:  But it’s different in this case…  Paper presented for the Annual conference of the Australian Society of Clinical Hypnotherapists.  Paper examined whether there is ever a case for counsellors to engage in multi-role relationships, what are issues to be considered before entering into such a relationship, and an ethical framework that can be used in order to explore all the pertinent issues that might arise from having such a relationship with a (ex)client.

2006:  But it’s different in this case… Paper presented for the Australian Counselling Association.  Paper examined the pitfalls involved for counsellors who engage in multi-role relationships, and presented an ethical framework that can be used in order to explore all the pertinent issues that might arise from having such a relationship with a (ex)client.

2016: Sensorimotor Psychotherapy and Trauma: did we really need another therapeutic model to work with trauma?  Paper presented at the Central Coast Local Health District Social Work Symposium, Gosford.

2016:  The body doesn’t lie – teaching couples to read and use the body to assist their healing after rupture.  Paper presented to the Queensland Systemic Therapy Training Group Social Casework Forum/ Symposium, Brisbane.

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