It depends on the kind of issue and the kind of ‘work’ we will need to do together to help you.

At any point in time, I might be in the role of counsellor, coach, or therapist as we address the particular issues you want to focus on, moving across issues from the past, looking at how they are manifesting now, resourcing you to better deal with them in the present, and helping you to clarify and make the changes you need to make in order to have the kind of future you want for yourself.

At times I will coach you to help you learn new skills, unlearn old patterns that are no longer serving you and set goals for a more satisfying life.

At other times I will share information on how our brains work and the strategies that have been known to work to resolve situations like yours.

Whether you come in to work individually or as a couple on your relationship issues, we will look at your communication patterns, attitudes, assumptions, family history and behaviours are contributing to the pain you find yourselves in. We will experiment with new ways of looking at things as well as different ways of communicating and behaving with each other, and I will coach you in trying on these new skills.

Sometimes in the session we may try different techniques and you may also be given homework tasks to try out. You will find you get the most out of therapy if you put into practice the things that come to light in the sessions.

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